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Join us on the 7th September. We look forward to seeing you there.
The First Time CIISec Live Comes To Scotland...
Join us on the 7th September
We are thrilled to announce that CIISec Live will make a comeback as a physical event on the 7th of September 2022.

This year the event will be situated at Edinburgh Napier University and will take on the overarching thematic of ‘inspiring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals’. This concept along with the event being positioned at Edinburgh Napier really aligns with their values of nurturing talent and creating knowledge for shaping communities all around the world.

Our vision for the event is to bring the community together and focus on the networking and knowledge sharing aspect of the incredible talent our industry has to offer. This is the first time CIISec Live is situated in Scotland which will really allow delegates and exhibitors alike to harness Scottish connections and to build new relationships within the Scottish Community.

The 7th September will be a content driven day with an array of subject matter experts presenting on current trends in the field, the corporate perspective, an academic standpoint on how to prepare for the profession, as well as incorporating a law enforcement element for our ICDIP members with content from the National Crime Agency (NCA).
Edinburgh Napier University, Craiglockhart Campus
219 Colinton Road, Edinburgh EH14 1DJ
Date & Time
September 7, 2022, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Confirmed Speakers
We have some truly inspirational speakers covering topics focusing on innovation and combatting emerging threats. Topics include:

• Voice Biometrics
• Protecting the national infrastructure and understanding new trends in attack.
• People development
• Artificial Intelligence
• An insight into the dark web and cyber
• Using social media to police a large-scale event
• Scientific limitations and future potential

Additional speakers to be confirmed and added.
Alex Woerndle
Benoit Heynderickx
Steven Furnell
Tim Ward
Ken Munro
Pen Test Partners
Piers Wilson
Head of Product Management, Huntsman Security
Bill Buchanan OBE
Philip Ridley
Todd Wade
Paul Baird
Rory Alsop
Head of Information Security and Cyber Risk, Tesco bank
Kevin Streater
VIce president, forgerock
Synopsis of talks
Keynote - David Ferbrache, (KPMG)
Synopsis tbc
Developing Cyber Capability - CIISec leads the way!  - Kevin Streater (ForgeRock), Benoit Heynderickx & Ivo Gonçalves (ISF)
What does success look like for you and for your teams? How do you develop capability that really supports your needs in a cost effective and speedy manner? How do you retain expertise within the organisation and ensure that your teams feel valued? Whether you are developing raw talent or seasoned campaigners, CIISec’s adaptable, mature and proven frameworks and development programmes will be able to take you or your teams to the next level and beyond.

The Information Security Forum (ISF) has been a supporting member of the CIISec Associate Development Programme (ADP) for several years. Recognising the value of the programme, both our experienced information security professionals and those new to the subject are taking the courses. In addition, ISF analysts are delivering lectures sharing the wealth of experience and security expertise we have at the ISF.

In this session you will learn how to:
- Motivate your students to learn and develop their cyber security skills and knowledge through a programme like the ADP
- Understand some of the common challenges experienced by students on the programme and how to overcome them
- Explain the benefits offered by the programme to aspiring students and mentors
Our adversaries seem to have the upper hand - Fireside chat with Paul Baird (Qualys) and Rory Alsop (Tesco Bank)
It would appear cyber criminals have an unfair advantage, they do need to play by the same rules as us, and money is no object. As an industry what do we need to do to tip the scales back in our favour?
When the world goes wrong - Alex Woerndle (MyEmpire)
Distribute.IT was a leading Australian web services provider, boasting almost a 10% market share of domain names in Australia, and tens of thousands of web hosting clients. Over a 9-year period the founders built their start up to an enviable market position with operations in Australia and Indonesia. Within a 30-minute period on June 11, 2011, a malicious hack on the company's data centres started a waterfall effect that ultimately wiped the company out in under 2 weeks. Alex will share his insights of the effects of the Distribute.IT incident, along with some other major incident responses he has supported in recent years.
The Life Cycle of A Cyber Attack - Philip Ridley (Intaforensics)
In this session, we will use real-world examples of cyber-attacks to demonstrate the typical steps that an adversary will perform when looking to compromise an organisation. Encompassing the whole chain of an attack from initial target selection through to ‘cashing out’, the session will highlight the methods used and the indicators of compromise that are left behind and can be analysed. By understanding the typical attack vectors and methodology used, the session will also highlight some ways to minimise the available attack surface to reduce the risk of compromise to organisations.
Voice Biometrics - Ian Daft (NCA) and Dr Georgina Brown (Lancaster University)
In this session Ian Daft will provide an introduction into the implications for law enforcement of voice analytics covering the investigatory, ethical and societal challenges. Dr Georgina Brown, will then provide an insight in to the current state of play with voice analytics, the scientific limitations and future potential.
Focusing on Innovation: Building A More Trusted, Private and Secure Future - Prof Bill Buchanan OBE (Edinburgh Napier University)
This presentation will look at the role of innovation in the creation of new products and services, including in how start-up/spin-out companies can sustain their route to success. It will also outline some of the most important areas of Cybersecurity innovation over the next decade, and in finding funding sources, especially focused on university/industry/public sector collaborations. Along the way, too, the presentation will outline some cybersecurity fundamentals and in how we can build a solid foundation for our future based on research and development.
The Future of Cyber Security Posture and Attack Surface Management - Piers Wilson (Huntsman Security)
An overview of ways to measure cyber security posture and manage your attack surface. Plus the relationship between posture, risk of ransomware and cyber insurance including customer experiences that demonstrate the challenges and importance of accurate cyber security metrics for organisations, their partners and insurers.
Title tbc - National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
The National Physical Laboratory is a focal point in UK innovation. Their world-leading measurement solutions are critical to business and governmet, to accelerating research and innovation, imporving quality of life and enabling trade. This presentation will look at confidence in the digital age and how it will digitally transform NPL’s science, research, operations, delivery, dissemination of measurement, traceability and confidence in end-end digital process.
Human Behaviours - Tim Ward (ThinkCyber)
Let’s take a deep dive into the fact that large organisations spend their valuable time and money searching for solutions to everyday problems and long-term issues that may put a halt to innovation and growth in the business’s future. This session will explore different perspectives on how the importance of security culture is evolving, the board’s role in that, developing more diverse workforces, as well as approaches to installing a security mindset.
Trust and IOT in the SAME sentence? - Ken Munro (PenTest Partners)
A retrospective review of the recent progress of IOT over the last couple of years and can we really secure it.  Be prepared for swearing kids dolls, snooping toy phones, hot water and plenty of other silly hacks!
Futurewatch on regulation - ICO
Synopsis tbc
Cyber security education – What have we learned? – Academic Panel
One of the key routes into cyber security is via the pipeline of graduates emerging from universities.  In Scotland and the wider UK we have numerous universities offering cyber security programmes and related modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with several now offering certified degrees and holding designations as Academic Centres of Excellence for Cyber Security Education from the National Cyber Security Centre.  In addition, our universities are home to an extensive range of research activities that help to advance and inform the next generation practices. At the same time, there continue to be questions about the suitability of academic education to prepare graduates to become cyber security practitioners, as well as the extent to which cyber security is sufficiently represented in degrees where students are not directly seeking to specialise in it. This panel, including representatives from CIISec Academic Partners and other universities offering cyber security degrees, will discuss these aspects and draw upon the direct experience of those involved in delivering the student experience.
It's a risk thing - Todd Wade (CRMG)
Synopsis tbc
CIISec LIVE Location
Edinburgh Napier University, Craiglockhart Campus

219 Colinton Rd, Edinburgh EH14 1DJ

Boasting up-to-date teaching and learning facilities, the Craiglockhart campus is set in beautiful grounds overlooking Edinburgh. The Craiglockhart campus is well-served by public transport to and from the centre of the city. In addition, there are numerous cycle paths in the area and bike storage facilities on site.

Further information can be found here.

Recommended Hotels:
Fountain Court Apartments
Hampton by Hilton Edinburgh West End
Moxy Edinburgh Fountainbridge
The Bruntsfield Edinburgh
StayCity Aparthotel
Premier Inn Edinburgh Park (Airport) Hotel
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